10 Great Ways to Recycle Tennis Balls

125 Million Tennis Balls are sold in the United States each year!

While it’s only a fraction of the number of styrofoam cups sitting in landfills, it’s still an overwhelming number. Here are 10 ways each of us can put our well used tennis balls to good use after they have been retired from play!

Recycle Idea #1 Chair Legs

Contact schools and churches with classrooms in your area. Your used ball donations will be put to good use!

Recycle Idea #2 Bottle Opener

You may not recycle a lot of balls this way, but it sure comes in handy and makes a great gift for friends of all ages!

Recycle Idea #3 Planter

Unique and environment-friendly planters are another creative way to put your over-used tennis balls to good use.

Recycle Idea #4 Fuzzy Yellow House

A tennis ball is the newest in critter architectural design. Interest from small birds, mice, gerbils, and others are making it a seller’s market!

Recycle Idea #5 Ball Bracelets

Tennis Ball Bracelets are easy to make and one-size-fits-all. Paint the inside before or after cutting. To paint before, just cut the ball in half and let dry.

Recycle Idea #6 Pet Toys

How about donating used balls to animal shelters or bring a loaded basket to a dog park with a sign that says “Free Balls – Take One!”

Recycle Idea #7 Cord Organizer

Cut a slit in a tennis ball on two sides. Put the plug through one hole and the connector through the other. Your extra wire is wound up inside the ball!

Recycle Idea #8 Walker Sliders

Retirement homes light up when someone donates a box of tennis balls. They are tried and tested over decades to make life easier on the senior circuit.

Recycle Idea #9 Non-Slip Hook Trick

This idea is a tennis lover’s trick that offers non-slip benefits to sometimes slippery hooks. Just cut a slit in the ball to use for towels or robes.

Recycle Idea #10 Dog Treat Game

Here are 2 dog facts. First, they love treats. Second, dog owners need ways to keep energetic dogs busy. This ball recycle idea does the trick!

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