7 Reasons this is the Best Home Practice Aid for Tennis

No matter how much time you get to spend at the court each week, it just never seems to be enough. 

You’re definitely not alone. A lot of players, coaches, and kids feel the same way. 

It’s not just the pros, we all want more of this game in our lives. 

There are a lot of at home practice options on the market and we believe the Perfect Pitch Rebounder is one of the best. 

It was designed specifically to give an expansive, high quality at home tennis experience. 

Not quite sure? Sounds too good to be true? 

Check out these 7 reasons the perfect pitch rebounder is the best at home tennis practice option on the market and you’ll be convinced!  

It’s made by the people that use it 

The perfect pitch rebounder is born from a labor of love. 

The people that love tennis and wanted a fun and worthy at home tennis experience spent a lot of time and energy expertly crafting the rebounder. 

You can feel that the rebounder was made FOR and BY the people that love the game every time you use it. 

It’s moves with you

A big, bulky, immovable at home tennis aid leaves a lot to be desired. 

That’s why the perfect pitch rebounder can easily move with you. The rebounder takes less than ten minutes to set up, is on four sturdy wheels (that can be locked, of course), and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

The rebounder has seen play at tennis courts, in driveways, alleyways, cul-de-sacs, patios, basements, garages, and more.  

We know that no matter how effective this aid is, a lot of the potential is wasted if it cannot travel with you, which is why it’s built to keep up with you. 

For more than just forehands

After a little bit of time with the rebounder, you’ll realize that there are all kinds of shots you can practice. 

Forehands and backhands can be done with equal comfort and consistency, but also volleys and even more powerful shots. 

One of the most appealing aspects of the rebounder is the ability for you to control the types of shots you’re practicing, even mixing them up to make a unique, high-tempo practice. 

Which leads us to…

Make your own drills 

Because the rebounder responds with a consistent and predictable return depending on what you do, you can create a ton of drills that are specifically designed for you.

Alternating between forehands and backhands forces you to incorporate precise footwork in order to hit shots from the same spot. 

Adding in volleys and harder shots will force you to vary up your footwork, racquet speed, and position, giving you an intense workout you probably weren’t expecting. 

1.6 Seconds

1.6 seconds is not a long time. 

And that’s how long you have to respond to shots on the rebounder. 

This is a very intentional design. 

1.6 seconds gives you a high impact pace of practice, forcing you to be quick, but without being so difficult that you’re likely to fail. 

Instead, it’s specific to make the workout as impactful as possible. 

Not just for tennis

The perfect pitch rebounder is also fantastic for those looking to hone in on their pickleball skills. 

Just like with tennis, the rebounder allows you to create your own pickleball drills that are fast-paced and designed to have a big impact on your game. 

This is especially important for all the coaches and court owners out there. 

By bringing more choices to your players, you’ll be seen as a more attractive option for business, and the rebounder can be the reason to go with you over someone else. 

For all levels

While there is a little bit of time to get accustomed to the unique design of the rebounder, it is suited for players of all levels. 

It’s normal for training aids to fall off if a player is too new or too skilled at the game but we made sure the rebounder is ready for players of all skill levels. 

You can check out all kinds of information, videos, and testimonials on the perfect pitch rebounder here.

These seven reasons take the perfect pitch rebounder from just another training aid to THE at home tennis aid. 

The real shining quality in any tennis aid is the likelihood to use it. With a fresh take on tennis practice at home, the rebounder will have you coming back for more… and your game will thank you.

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