Joe Dinoffer

Joe Dinoffer is a Master Professional in both the USPTA and PTR, has been recognized with numerous national awards including the 2019 City of Dallas Humanitarian Award for contributions to inner city tennis, and has conducted clinics and exhibitions in over 50 countries. Joe is the author and editor of 9 books and more than 20 DVDs, has more than 300 published articles in various tennis and pickleball magazines, and has aired many instructional tips on the Tennis Channel. Plus, Joe’s YouTube channel has more than 2 million views and growing! His latest book “Words, Wisdom, and Whimsy” is the second volume of an illustrated series called “Poems from the Heart.” In 1994, Joe founded OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd., a company dedicated to serving the tennis, pickleball, fitness, yoga, and physical education industries with innovative training aids and educational tools. Today, he has designed and manufactured more than 150 creative products being distributed and used in 100 countries worldwide.

Maximizing Your Ball Machine Practice: 6 Keys to Effective Training

Discover the untapped potential of your tennis ball machine by incorporating strategic practices into your training routine. In this article, renowned tennis expert Joe Dinoffer explores the six essential keys that can elevate your ball machine practice from repetitive hitting to a focused and dynamic training experience. 1. Utilize a Remote or Practice with a …

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 Innovative Strategies for Tennis Marketing Success

In this article, we’ll delve into insightful strategies for tennis marketing success, drawing from industry leaders and experts. These strategies encompass a range of topics, from adapting to demographic shifts to creative program structures and collaborations. Let’s explore how these ideas can shape the future of tennis promotion. Demographic Insights: The Changing Face of Tennis …

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