Consistency is key

When it comes to physical training, people can sometimes gravitate towards doing high-intensity sessions less frequently. The term “weekend warriors” may come to mind.

But there are a few problems with this approach to fitness and wellness. 

First, since your body is not used to that level of exertion since you are doing it infrequently, going through a rigorous workout might hurt you or be so challenging that you’re demotivated to continue. 

Second, that level of intensity is not required to get results and may even do more harm than good. 

A better approach to wellness and performance might be a consistent routine of more frequent, lower-impact exercises. 

The trick is sticking with it long enough for you to start to experience these slow-building gains. It might feel like you’re not making progress at first, but then, after a few months, the result will likely become apparent. Consistency is key.

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