Creative Tennis and Pickleball Coaching Tips

Creativity is one of the greatest qualities a tennis or pickleball coach can have. 

Creative coaches find ways to get the most out of their players, form long-lasting relationships, and create life-long fans. 

Emma Doyle shares some of her unique experiences and insights about being a coach and how creativity lets her get the most out of her time on the court. 

The following is a transcript of part 4 of Game Changers 5


One of the products that I use frequently is the OnCourt OffCourt ladder. 

I coach this little four-year-old. And, as a note, I’m not saying four and five-year-olds should be playing full tennis matches. 

But I use the OnCourt OffCourt ladder, and she just throws a beanbag into the first rung. And we gamify it. 

And we go up and down the ladder. So, we do throw and catch, we do striking, and then do locomotion. And we just go again and again. 

So, for throw and catch, she’ll just be doing the catching. And she’ll use a little racket with a net and catch. 

And because she’s so little, I use bigger and bigger balls, or even those sponge balls. And they work great. 

I do all kinds of things with her as she moves up and down the OnCourt OffCourt ladder. 

Check out the ladder right here! 

Emma Doyle has shown us how with a little creativity, she can provide memorable and effective coaching to players of any age. 

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