Unlock Your Mental Edge With This Simple Mindfulness Exercise for Athletes

Mindfulness is an imperative ingredient for any and every athlete.

When a tennis player is struggling with serving, they’ll often train specifically on serving.

They can find a ton of information online. Their coaches know hundreds of drills and tips. And the player can apply a uniquely focused effort onto serving, and usually, the results will speak for themselves.

The mental aspect of tennis, or any sport, is as important as the physical side.

Often, the mental side can become more important because there are fewer resources available for it, so this weakness often just stays a weakness.

But with just a single mental exercise, athletes of all sports and games, at all levels, can start to hone this super important muscle.

In the video above, we have a simple and effective exercise any athlete can use to strengthen their mind.

Remember, just like with serves or backhands, your mental game will thrive the more intentional practice you put into it.

This 1-minute mindfulness exercise should be practiced any time you feel your mind slipping. As you practice, you’ll be able to use this to calm yourself and thrive on the court, even during an important match!

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