Foldable Yoga Mat Review [video]

Yoga is an excellent complement to life on the court playing tennis and pickleball.

But not every player wants to put down the money and buy a mat, blocks, straps, support mat, and a bag just to see if yoga is for them.

Luckily, you don’t have to!

Margit Bannon of Play Tennis. Practice Yoga. reviews our foldable yoga mat.

OCOC’s foldable yoga mat was made specifically for tennis and pickleball players who want a yoga routine without big investments.

And if you do happen to fall in love with yoga, you’re covered. The foldable yoga mat is made out of durable, natural rubber to keep up with even the most passionate yogis!

Check out the video to see what Margit has to say.

See more about the foldable yoga mat right here

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