Getting the Most out of Tennis and Pickleball Aids

Tennis and pickleball training aids come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. 

Kinesthetic training aids often have multiple purposes, giving players and coaches a ton of flexibility and letting them get the most out of them. 

World-class coach Emma Doyle shares her insights on kinesthetic training aids like the Snap Racquet.

The following is a transcript of this Game Changers video.


We just talked about the snap racquet. Here’s a good picture. 

I think it’s one of those things that the more we can shadow precise movement, like I love using it really slow and then snap on the serve, then really slow again and then snap it at the top and be really slow on the backend. 

Or even if I’m straight down and then as I fire that hip, it snaps. There are so many different ways you can use it, but that’s what I personally do. 

After we’ve done a dynamic flex warmup, this is the number one tool that we go to before going into our live ball warmup. 


So, I heard you mention this when you demonstrated it, but would this also be a good tool for a recreational player before their game, warming up, to go through a routine just to start to get that feeling? 


Yeah! Let’s think about another sport like baseball. What do we see players do before they hit? They take practice swings with a weighted bat. That increased weight during the warmup helps them perform better during their at-bat. 

In tennis, it’s more about feeling loose than anything else. And using the snap racket during our warmup can help us be more relaxed and loose. 

At the end of the day, the more loose you can play, the more free you can play, and that’s everything. 

This is especially true in the sport of golf, which I challenge myself with these days. And the tighter I hold my club, the worse I play. 

And tennis is very similar to that. 


We can learn a lot from golf, I think. I ended up at a golf conference one day, and there were so many different companies with different kinds of training aids. They really understand how powerful visual and kinesthetic learning is to speed up improvement. 


Every time I warm up, I use a club with a weighted golf ball stuck on it. That’s how I warm up, as a recreational player. 

It’s just as important in tennis. And how many tennis companies are making training aids? So few. I know, I’m a little biased. 

But OnCourt OffCourt has been leading the way ever since Joe started the company, and you are the go-to. 

And you live and breathe every piece of equipment. And to this day, they’ll send me every new product and say, “hey, what do you think? What works? What doesn’t?” 

They market-test everything, and I am constantly impressed, and I’ve been a coach for 30 years. 

And the more we can use these training aids to bring out the best, let the activity do the teaching for you.

I’m telling you, it is game-changing because when someone can feel it, then they can own it and truly learn it. 

The power of kinesthetic training aids has been well-proven and accepted in other sports. Tennis, for the most part, has been lagging behind. 
But with kinesthetic training aids like the Snap Racquet, players can accelerate learning like nothing else.