How to Become the Coach Tennis Players Desire 

There are a lot of things tennis coaches can do to make themselves stand out from the crowd. 

But there is one thing that, if you can do it, will make you a wildly successful and popular coach. 

Empower your students. 

When you empower your students and help them overcome obstacles, they’ll rush to book more lessons with you. 

Audio and visual learning can only go so far on the court. For players to learn consistently and quickly, coaches need to use kinesthetic training aids. 

In this video, Joe and Kalindi discuss how cost-efficient kinesthetic training aids are and how coaches can add them to the services they offer to attract new students and keep your current students coming back for more. 

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A good training aid doesn’t need to be used often.

You’re buying something that you’re not really going to use that often.

But think of it like this. Let’s say you buy a private lesson, a typical 40-minute lesson from a typical coach.

And the coach is relying more on verbal and audio instructions, and doesn’t use training aids like this; well, you could save that money, buy one of these instead, and use it. And it’d be cheaper and more effective. 

In fact, it’d be worth it if you bought one of these, traded it with a coach for a lesson so you got to get some swings in, and then the coach would learn some things, too. 

I would do it because too many coaches use verbal instructions, which is the slowest way to learn. 


And obviously, for coaches investing in training aids, it’s something they have available for all their students. 

And if a coach can use the Start Rite Grip Trainer and, in one lesson, teach someone the continental grip, they’re going to be so excited and motivated to book that next lesson, as opposed to someone that spends weeks dealing with the same thing is likely to think maybe the coach isn’t a right fit. 


Yeah. And you know, students talk amongst themselves. Asking each other if a coach is a good fit or if you’re improving. 


Yeah, you see that in the wellness industry, too.

My husband does neuromuscular balancing bodywork, and he sees clients that come to him from seeing chiropractors where they’re used to doing things for weeks and seeing no changes. 

Whereas he likes to have one session, give them their homework to do at home for a few weeks, and maybe then just one more appointment to see their progress. 

Kinesthetic learning empowers people. And kinesthetic training aids empower players and coaches to reach their highest, dream-level. 

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Coaches that want to give their students a rewarding and memorable experience utilize the bevy of kinesthetic training aids on the market. 

With them, coaches can help players overcome the specific obstacles they’re facing, empowering them to be the best player they can be. 

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