How to Get a Great Night’s Rest Before a Big Match

Getting a good night’s rest before a big tennis or pickleball match is imperative for success. 

Well-rested players are more alert, have more energy, and feel more confident in their abilities. 

Here are 6 things that can help you get the Zs you need to get the Ws you want. 


Obviously, if you have a poor nighttime routine, you’ll want to make several changes. But if you already have a healthy habit, you don’t want to disrupt things TOO much, or you’ll find it even more difficult to sleep than before.  

It may be tempting to make all kinds of changes to your routine, for the better, all at once. But if you completely upend your routine, even for a ‘better’ one, it’ll only disrupt you. 

Try to make just a few changes at a time. And then, when that new routine takes shape, you can add and change more. 

It’s best to start working on your sleep routine BEFORE you need it.

If you’re reading this post hours before bedtime, try to keep most of your routine intact while making a few important adjustments to fit in without too much disruption. 

Control Your Nerves

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for some. 

I have a big game tomorrow so I must get good rest. I know it’s important, which makes me feel anxious, and now it’s difficult to rest. 

Just saying, don’t be anxious, isn’t enough. 

Instead of focusing on the unknown, and wondering about outcomes, focus on what you can control.

If your mind is one to wander, try to think about the preparation you’ve been doing. Think about your most recent practice, the things you’re working on, especially your recent successes.