How to Get Past Invisible Barriers on the Court

Sometimes, when we lose in a game or practice, the reason for our loss is invisible. 

When we don’t know why we lose, we can’t make the changes we need to make to keep the losses to a minimum. 

A common way we lose happens when we’re close to the net in tennis and pickleball. 

When we’re that close, we have very little time to react to shots and get our racket where it needs to be. 

If shots like this get by us, we might not know exactly why. 

Joe, Kalindi, and Billy get into the details on how we hold and keep the racket can be the difference between getting to these shots and not in part two of our ongoing Game Changers series! 

The following is a transcript of part 2 of this Free Game Changers webinar


I think you had one more, right, Joe? You have the Angle Doctor over there?  


Yeah, this is, arguably, one of my favorite aids we have. I’ve always been excited with it. This is my creation, many years ago. I wish more people had the chance to really understand it because it’s really powerful. 

And you can use it, interestingly enough, in conjunction with the Start Rite Grip Trainer. And it was initially designed for tennis.


It works for pickleball, too. 


I haven’t had the chance, so let’s try it out. 

You just wind it around on top of the hand. What it does, is it holds the racket in an upwards position rather than dropping it and flicking it. 

It also helps when you’re up near the net to be more ready and faster on both sides. Is that what we’re talking about, Kalindi? 


Yeah, same concept. We also have a great picture on the website we can show. 


So, basically, you velcro around the bicep and, it’s adjustable in 3 different places so you always get the right fit. 


So as you can see, it’s the same concept, how it keeps you compact on your volleys and not swinging down. This gives you that feeling for it. 


Yeah, keep in mind, if somebody is in a pickleball match and you’re on the kitchen line, you and your opponent are hitting the ball fast back and forth, and we’re talking about, maybe 2/10ths of a second in between hits. 

So, that extra time for a pickleball paddle to drop, let it fall, and then you have to bring it back up to hit your volley, and then drop it again, that’s a lot of precious time, and that could be the difference between a struggling intermediate from a really strong intermediate player. 

The simple, effective design of the Angle Doctor works with other kinds of training aids and right along with the drills you already do, making it seamless to add. 

Learning the finer mechanics of your stance can make a massive difference in your game, leaving your opponents confused as to how you beat them. 

Kinesthetic training aids like the Angle Doctor accelerate learning beyond visual and auditory learning. 

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