How to Make Play and Practice More Fun

As a pickleball and tennis coach, Emma has decades of experience in gamifying practice and play that helps kids enjoy the game, connect with others, and grow their confidence. 

Making practice fun is integral for kids enjoying their time on the court and really sticking with the game. Without fun, kids will likely find little enjoyment and go on to something else. 

Emma shares her experience in making games fun in this video from our Game Changers series. 

The following is a transcript from a part of our Game Changers 5 series. 


Especially with your experience coaching the youth. I love this aid here, you’re probably familiar with, the tennis knockdown targets

Are you familiar with these, Emma?


Not yet, not yet. 


So, these are actually the pickleball version, the pickleball knockdown targets. They’re inflatable and come in a set of two. 

They’re so easy to use. Just blow them up, put them wherever you want, and you give a visual, fun target for kids to aim at that will pop up each time they’re hit. 

They’re really fun, kids love them, and they’re unique look really helps kids improve their accuracy, while having fun. 


I can already tell you something neat you can do with these. I love to create tunnels on the court. Have them set up so they’re next to each other, but with a space in the middle. And have the kids hit one at the target, one through the targets, in that sequence. 

Really gets kids thinking. Gets them aiming. And makes it more of a game. Yeah, I love that. 

Making play and practice fun is critical for coaching younger and new players. When they’re having fun on the court, they’ll keep coming back. 

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