Huge Tennis and Pickleball Game-Changer in a Miniature Package

The following is a transcript of part five of the Game Changers Webinar. 


Let’s move on to our next section here. We wanted to spend some time talking about some of the upcoming products that OnCourt OffCourt has. 

There are some new products, some that are about to be out, maybe some that just hit the market, and would you mind sharing a little bit about these products as well, just kind of the functionality, what people can expect, maybe even some timings that things will be available. And I’ll let you, Joe and Kalindi, just naturally share on any of these products. 


This one is the Multi-Twist Mini. It just came out, and I know I’m doing a sneak preview of the next slide which is the product that will tie in with this, the Infinity Play System, which I’ll let Joe share more about because he’s worked really hard over the past few years to develop this product and it’s really cool, but this product is available now as a standalone it. Works for pickleball and tennis, and all of the different transition balls. Red, orange, and green balls.

As you can see by the little girl picking up the machine, it’s super light. It comes in at six pounds, and can be taken to the Court, has five adjustable settings for different ball toss speeds, and could even be done in the backyard. 


It’s battery-operated. The batteries will last for many months under normal use. 

People that know the tennis industry will know this resembles the original Tennis Twist, which morphed into the Multi-Twist, which is about twice as tall. We worked on an exclusive agreement to modify the machine and improve it. We scaled it down in size, but still has plenty of room for balls, holding 15, which is great because you don’t really want to hit more than 10 or 15 balls in a row anyway. 

So on a ball machine, you’d want to pause it after every 10 or 15 balls. You don’t want to hit 40 in a row because the quality of your focus goes down, points don’t last that long. You’re going to be physically tired and whatever you’re working on because your focus is decreasing, is not going to work as effectively. You want to stay within the time length of an average point. Or at least not 10 times longer. 

The average point in tennis is three hits. In pickleball, it’s a little over six hits. This machine gives you up to 15 balls, which is more than enough in terms of hitting that many in a row. 

Also, the tennis twist had a ball feed speed of every five seconds, which can be a little bit slow for some. We invested in a new motor which speeds up the ball feed rate to be a more realistic tennis rally. 

The player hits the ball every 3 and a half seconds, which for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, that’s really quite good. It works for all these different balls; red balls, all the tennis transition balls, regular tennis balls and pickle balls, including both indoor and outdoor balls.

The Multi-Twist Mini results from years of innovation and refinement, making it a huge game-changer for tennis and pickleball players and coaches. 
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