Love & Fun: The Heart of Great Coaching

Emma Doyle has been a world-class coach for decades, in tennis, pickleball, business, and life. Her energy, perspective, and coaching experience instill her students with everything they need to take the next step in their prospective journeys. 

It wasn’t until the pandemic shut most of life down that Emma reflected on her lengthy career and experience as a coach and decided to share her insights with others. 

From writing books to offering a treasure trove of coaching insights and experiences, Emma has it all on her site, which you can check out right here– 

Here’s what Emma has to say about her experience as a coach and how that led her to write her newest book, What Do I Wear on My Feet to Play Tennis.

The following is a transcript from our Game Changers Webinar video; watch the full video right here.


Just a cool little fact about this book is how much it really impacted someone very close to me, the godfather of business coaching, Sir John Whitmore, who is no longer with us. 

He actually used to work with Timothy Galway. 

They used to do things around golf and motorcar racing. And then Sir John Whitemore became really the guru of business coaching. 

And there are two things in the book that he used to define what coaching really is. 

And this is my whole philosophy on life, essentially. 

So number one is that the opponent within one’s head is much more formidable than the opponent down the other end of the court. 

If a coach can help reduce or remove internal obstacles, a natural ability will flow forth. Therefore, this exact quote defines what coaching really is. 

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them learn rather than teaching them. 

Now that quote from Sir John Whitmore defining coaching changed my life. 

Now, I wrote my other book for a lot of reasons, but this book, a rhyming children’s book about tennis called What Do I Wear on My Feet to Play Tennis? I wrote for fun. 

I have seven nieces and nephews, and I work with them all of the time, building their coordination from when they were young. And I used that inspiration to create this book. 

So the character goes off to have coaching on the courts down the street– but, oh no!– he has nothing to wear on his feet. 

So he tries on a net for a shoe, a racket, and even a cone. And the kids around him keep telling him, “No, no, no.” when he tries on the silly things. 

And on the back of the book, you have some big images of the characters in black and white and it’s a coloring book. 

On the back, there are a few QR codes that lead to videos of me using the book on the court and how we can use it as a court training tool. There are lots of activities parents can do with their kids to get the kids to interact with the characters on a deeper, more fun level. 

This book is great for kids from the 3 to 6-year range. 

Plus, it’s great for coaches and parents. 

Emma has been living, breathing, thinking, and refining coaching for a long time. She is a treasure trove of information, tips, and perspectives that will not only make you a better coach or a better player but also a better person. 

Emma has been opening up and sharing more of her experiences on her website.

Find Emma’s book right here!