Rest and Relaxation Tips for Tennis and Pickleball Coaches

It’s part player, part teacher, part motivator, part public speaker, and a whole lot more. 

Coaches, just like players, get tired and require some kind of rest if they expect to come back to top form. 

Emma Doyle, a world-class tennis and pickleball coach, shares some of her insights on how she stays healthy and fit as a full-time coach. 

The following is a transcript of Part 7 of this Game Changers video. 


One more. I use this all the time because, as a coach, I can get really tired and tight. 

Either sitting at the computer or doing a webinar like this, I can feel my hips get tight and need to be stretched out. 

I’ll use the Foldable Yoga Mat to get loose. 

Keeping one half folded and unfolding the other half provides me with the comfort and support I need while stretching out. 

And what makes it really shine is how it can fold into whatever you need. 

It’s a mat, it’s a bolster, it can be a long block, and it’s perfect as a meditation cushion – all just by folding it differently. 

And it folds up easily, so you can bring it wherever you want. 

I know sometimes yoga mats, if it’s on a hard surface, can be really uncomfortable for people to use. But with this, when you need extra support, you have extra support. 

A specific example that shows how great the Foldable Yoga Mat is is when you’re doing downward facing dog. 

It’s a great stretch. But for some people, they can’t get their heel down to the mat. So with this, you can fold up the bit at the end, giving that heel something to touch so you can get a deeper, more impactful stretch. 

If I’m going to be honest, I rarely meet flexible tennis coaches. And even tennis players. And this mat can be a great tool for undoing that. 

Another way to find rest and relaxation is by working on your mindset. 

One of my favorite mindset tips is called anchoring and affirmations. 

So, just pressing on the Whistling Vibration Dampener, either with your thumb and index finger or just your thumb, or just your index finger. 

Simply, what it does, is help you stay present. 

I’ve worked 8 hours straight in a day. And to get present, I use this, press on it, and state that I am present, that I am in the moment, that I am here and ready to go. 

And this can be enough to get my mindset back on track, become present again as a coach, and give it my all. 

You’re not always going to be in the right mindset every second while you’re on the court. And that’s okay. Emma has some great tips on how we can come back from those moments, return to the present, and be there for our students. 

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