Serve Up Tennis Practice and Play Wherever You Go

More and more people are looking for portable tennis net systems for many reasons. 

Coaches love having a portable asset that gives their lessons more value and marketability. 

Venues, clubs, and facilities appreciate maximizing their available playing area, allowing them to take on more customers, students, and players. 

And a large group of players and parents of players want a real, authentic tennis experience wherever they go, and a portable net system gives them that. 

The following is a transcript of part 8 of our Game Changers Webinar. 



For those of us that have been loyal customers for years will remember the Roll-a-Net, it is not a new product, but it is a very exciting new and improved version of the product because we’ve taken what was an already very popular product that everybody loved and made it better. 

Our net systems are one of the items we’re really known for. We have our patents on them, and we really try to make them industry-leading standards. So we wanted to take our Roll-a-Net to the next level. 

So, it’s now made with our oval poles, which makes it easier to set up, more durable, higher quality, and all that. We’ve also added aluminum to a few of our other products with great success, so now the Roll-a-Net has a steel and aluminum hybrid design to make the weight a bit lighter, making it easier to carry around without losing out on quality or durability. 

We had noticed some nets on the market with 100% aluminum design, and those did not hold up to our quality control standards. But mixing the steel and aluminum together is the best of both worlds, the durability of the steel and the lightness of the aluminum. 

Joe, anything you want to add in there? 


Kalindi, you did great.  

The main benefit of the oval tubing is that without it, portable nets can get out of alignment very easily, but the oval tubing ensures the two pieces twist and stays firm in alignment and do not need any adjustments once it’s set up. 

At the higher level, the Roll-a-Net reaches about 60 inches. It comes with 5 wheels, four of those are locking, so once you move it into place, you just secure it by pushing down on the lever, and then when you’re ready to move it into storage, just take the brake off, and it’s ready to roll back. 

The oval tubing and velcro tension adjuster make this very popular for indoor court facilities, to add another net for people to use, or to gymnasiums, or for any area that needs a portable net, really. 


The Roll-a-Net also comes with this nice bag to easily store it, move it around from car to court and back, making it quick and easy to set up. 

We’ve done some fun videos of our favorite portable nets and our good friend Emma Doyle where we time ourselves to set up the nets and fun stuff like that. And it’s like under three minutes. 


Once you’re used to it, really, it can be well under a minute. And the duffle bag has wheels, so it’s even easier to move and find a place to store it when not in use. And there’s room enough to fit some other things in there, too. 


One other point, when you have the Roll-a-Net fully set up, there’s a little bit of space under the bottom poles. 

And Emma made sure I remembered this because she said she really loved the design because she does drills with little kids, and she would have kids roll the ball under it as part of the drill, and she loved how versatile it was.