Tennis is Poetry in Motion

The following is a transcript of part four of the Game Changers Webinar. 


Now let’s talk about another OnCourt OffCourt (product), there’s depth not only to the company but the leaders here. 

And, actually, this is a good tee-up for another ‘depth’ of what OnCourt OffCourt brings. Especially, Joe Dinoffer, you know, I know a passion of yours and something you invested a lot in is with poetry. And you’ve got a couple published books and would, you know, maybe share something with everyone here? I know you’ve got a, yeah, there they are; I have them both. And joe, would you maybe select a poem you feel like would be good for today’s presentation? And I’d love for you to share that. 


Sure, sure. Actually, this one connects to both coaches and learning. It wasn’t quite the one I picked, but it just opened to that page, so I’m gonna do that one and this is from Words, Wisdom, and Whismy. With the Proverbial owl; amazing creatures on the cover.

And, you know, when we’re learning in sports or we’re learning in life. We know that openness and humility are, like, essential. It’s like a prerequisite course to learning and growing. You have to acknowledge that we’re not perfect. We have a ways to go. Life is a journey. It’s about progress, not perfection. And this one. Yeah, I think this is well suited for coaches and athletes. It’s called Hearts of Cards and you can see the illustration by zandy Smith shows cards trying to get to the top. Who wants to be king? 

Some hearts soft. Most cards hard. 

We’re all unique, oblique. With subtle mystique. 

Decks reflect the world’s deluge. 

Competing cards each sing. 

I just want it to be king. 

While humble, outnumbered. 

Ever patient, patience are living past pretense. 

And peaceful, knowing that selfless love yields true strength 

while self anointed kings learn 

They do not have wings 

and it wasn’t a game after all. 


That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Joe. That’s fantastic. Now a lot of people might not know that you have those. Maybe share a little bit of where somebody could get those books. 


On our website. 


Under what? Under what section? 


I believe they’re under our book section, so we have a few books. Most of the, a lot of them, are now digital downloads or other books. And then these poetry books are in there as well. 

They’re also on Amazon. And yeah, I think, yeah, if anyone has any questions on that, they’re welcome to reach out to me and I can send them the links.


Yeah, they’re fantastic and they’re very well done. Just everything, the covers, everything. Just a really high-quality content that you’ve created. Joe, thanks for sharing that. 

It’s refreshing to take a second and appreciate the poetry in tennis and in life. If you want more tennis and life game-changing lessons, check out the rest of our Game Changers webinar by clicking right here