The Biggest Hindrance to Performance

Your performance on the court is a culmination of all your practice and training.

We think of this when pushing hard, maybe even ignoring nagging aches and pains.

Unfortunately, you may be actually hindering your performance by always going that extra mile and not listening to your body.

Nothing gets in the way of your performance worse than injuries.

And by only going hard and pushing yourself, you’re more likely to collect injuries than trophies.

Practice takes heart and brains.

Don’t just practice harder; practice smarter.

Intelligent practices, drills, and exercises accelerate your learning while keeping you from accidentally hurting yourself.

Our NeuroMuscular Balancing course is intelligently designed to work with your body instead of against it.

When your body is pain-free and in balance, you can’t help but play your best.

Check out the NMB course for your edge out on the court