The Multipurpose Barrier Solution to Elevate Your Event Experience

As pickleball has increased in popularity, more and more courts, clubs, and organizations host their own pickleball tournaments. 

But they don’t all go well. 

Organizing an event, especially for the first time, can quickly become overwhelming. 

Luckily, we have Billy, Kalindi, and Joe here to discuss how OnCourt OffCourt helped develop a unique, effective, and actually fun way to organize events, matches, or even your backyard. 

The following is a transcript of part 7 of our Game Changers Webinar. 


Let’s talk about some new, upcoming products. Let’s dive in a little bit here on the MultiCourt Barrier System. I know we briefly mentioned it before, but I think it’s been released, right, Kalindi? 


Yeah, absolutely. I think the last time we chatted about it was ‘coming soon,’ and now it’s in stock. We’re excited about this product; it’s super versatile. 

We had a partner of ours who was the inspiration for the product. He had a huge pickleball tournament and wanted to use the system to create all the barriers around the pickleball court and to guide traffic flow. 

He was really creative because big tournaments will often have their sponsor banners and need to figure out where they’re going to put the banners, and he hung a lot of them over the multi-court barriers.

They’re sturdy enough to hold up a banner like that, which could be a company banner, but it could also be someone that wants to highlight the logo for their club or event. It works great for any kind of pickleball tournament or event. 

Really has multiple purposes for any kind of sporting event, obviously great for tennis. 

Some people could use it in their backyard to create a little mini net set up, like with our new Infinity Play System , which we talked about yesterday. Of course, the idea is to hit that into the container so it feeds back in, but if you have a kid and they miss, and it kind of goes everywhere that way you’re keeping it contained. 

So it’s great for backyard use, along with courts for events, practices, and games. I think this can just be a great way to create these portable containers, kind of like Lego pieces because you can make pretty much any configurations you can imagine. 

Keeping your court, backyard, or event space organized and under control has never been easier than with the MultiCourt Barrier System. Its simple, intuitive design makes it both easy to use and full of creative opportunities for unique uses perfect for you. 

Read more about the MultiCourt Barrier System by clicking right here!