The One Training Aid that Will Change Your Game for Good!

 How you practice on and off the court just got better, easier, and a whole lot more fun. 

The following is a transcript of part 7 of our Game Changers Webinar, where Kalindi, Billy, and Joe discuss the much anticipated and newly available Rebounder Deluxe! 


Alright, moving on to our next section, where we get to share some insight and some new products coming out. 


I think the last time we did this, we just did a preview, and now these products are actually out. 


Yeah, we had our trailers now they’re live in a theater near you. Alright, so, let’s go into our first product, The Rebounder Deluxe

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this product. 


Yeah, so this one is really awesome. I think it’s the only rebounder that I know of that’s on wheels and this high quality. It’s perfect for tennis and pickleball, which is really neat. 

You can change the angles of the rebounder, either at an angled position or a vertical position which changes the rebounds you face so you can practice pretty much any shot in tennis and in pickleball that you can imagine. Overhead serves, volleys, ground strokes, slice shots, top spin shots, etc. 

It also works great with regular yellow balls; you can use any of the tennis transition balls, whatever you need. 


We designed the rebounder to angle to 15 degrees, which is a magic number. 

That’s the number that you get the most realistic groundstrokes from the backboard. 

Most flat backboards will send a rebound back straight, and they bounce very low, which is not very realistic or makes for good practice. 

But our rebounder at 15 degrees makes for realistic, consistent practice. 

And you can use it vertically, for example, if you were practicing overheads. Kalindi, please continue. 


Yeah, the rebounder also very easily folds up in just a few seconds. We’ve had a lot of coaches and players experimenting with the Rebounder Deluxe, and many have said how much they love how easily it can just be folded up and rolled out of the way when not in use. 

For example, if you’re using the rebounder in your garage and need to bring the car in, all you need to do is fold it up and push it against the sidewall. 

Lots of indoor clubs easily store it away when not in use behind a curtain because it’s so thin and on wheels; they can just slip it out of view whenever they need to. 

I think the final thing I was going to mention is that we added a pretty wide green border around the backboard which helps people hone in on the target area and where they’re aiming. 


The whole system is seven by ten feet. Sets up in a few minutes, and the wheels are locking because if they didn’t lock and you hit it, the rebounder would roll away on impact. So locking and unlocking wheels is key. 


So, yes,  make sure you hit the rebounder with locked wheels unless you want to hit on a moving rebounder and want that extra challenge by chasing it. 

But don’t actually. 

I guess the last thing is with the way the netting is made, it absorbs the power of shots really well, so you can be a very advanced player, like college level or beyond. So, it’s going to let you hit in a controlled area, making it great for all levels. 


With a flat backboard, the harder you hit it, the further the rebound goes, meaning you need a lot more space, but not with this. 


Yeah, this is something, I think, that’s going to be great for parents, families, and kids to have in their driveway or garage. Plus, it’s great for coaches to have at their Club as a station out on the court or if a player doesn’t have anyone to play with, and they can use this instead of a ball machine or backboard. 


I also thought, Kalindi, that if we don’t have this in our description since noise is a big discussion topic, especially with pickleball, this is a silent backboard. 

At clubs, if you have a few pickleball players practicing in a row, you might have some players annoyed at all that sound. 

Or maybe you want to practice before work, this is absolutely a silent way to hit against a backboard because of the netting. 


Yeah, Joe, that’s a great point. 

The Rebounder Deluxe is one of the most unique products on the market, giving tennis and pickleball players and coaches a versatile, fun, and effective training and playing experience. 

Make sure you check out the rebounder right here! 

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