The Rebounder with the Most Realistic Play 

The following is a transcript of part seven of the Game Changers Webinar. 


The Rebounder Deluxe works well for all ball sports. It could even work for medicine balls, for people doing that sort of thing. 

Its locking wheels so you can stabilize it while hitting balls against it. And then you can unlock the wheels and move it out of the way, whether in your garage or an indoor tennis facility, very easily. 

It also angles. Not only angle back, but it angles vertically. And what’s cool about that, especially for tennis, is you hit the ball down onto the ground, bounces off the netting and upwards, and then you can get overhead smash practice. 

We added that green border to help people zoom in on target areas. And the setup is super easy. You can see that there are just Velcro straps around the outside. Occasionally one pops off. Velcro is great, but it can pop off. You just lay it back together again, and that’s the Rebounder Deluxe. 

Easy to set up, easy to store, affordable, and very durable, and it’s got a soft rebound so you can play in a fairly confined area, which is great in two ways. 

Number one, you can use it in a garage, or driveway, or cul-de-sac, or even a patio. 

And number two, the ball doesn’t bounce off too far so that less advanced players will have an easy time hitting their target zone. It’s also large enough for two players to hit side by side. A great new product and we’ll have that out in the coming weeks. 


Yeah, very soon. Joe, I don’t know if you mentioned that it’s also on wheels, which is really nice to roll and maneuver around. 

And it works for pickleball and tennis, including transition balls making it very versatile for all kinds of racket and paddle sports. It would also work for lacrosse, as a rebounder. Or if somebody wanted to hit the rebounder with a baseball bat, hit into it with a softball or hardball, it would rebound. And then, their partner could work on their grounders or pop-ups, or reflexes for skill development for all sports, even passing in basketball and soccer.

See the Rebounder Deluxe in action right here!

This was the seventh and final part of our Game Changers webinar. If you missed any part, check out the whole thing right here