Tools Every Tennis and Pickleball Coach Must Have

Whether coaching young kids their first time holding a racquet or helping the world-best be just a little bit better, tennis and pickleball coaches play a vital role. 

Luckily, coaches have more tools, aids, and resources than ever before. 

Emma Doyle, a world-class international tennis coach, uses creativity to get the most out of kinesthetic training aids every coach should have. 

Here’s what Emma has to say about it. 

The following is a transcript of part 6 of this Game Changers series. 


I had a more advanced player come and visit me here in Denver, Colorado. He’s looking to play US college tennis. 

He came for a training camp for a week with me, and then he went off to look at other colleges. 

When I was with him, I relied on two pieces of equipment. The first was the travel airzone.  

With this, he was able to rip his lefty forehand into my backhand to create an awesome pattern where he had to shape the ball, and it mimicked real game scenarios incredibly well. He got a lot out of that one. 

And the second tool I used was the Snap Racquet and we used this in all of his warmups. 

I adore this training aid because it’s got auditory feedback, it’s got physical feedback, and it has visual feedback – making it a complete learning experience. 

He really got a lot from that one. 

Another great training aid is the Serve Rite Racquet

This is another great training aid that we’ve got here. It’s great for accelerating how quickly players can learn the continental grip. 

And I’ve used this with young players, too. They make doing lines as part of your drills much better.

Now, I’m usually against lines. Drills where players sit in lines for 90 percent of the time. But what I really hate is when the coaches hit more balls than the players. That bothers me a lot. 

Another thing that really bothers me is when coaches rely on just verbal instructions. That leads to a lot of players wasting their time. 

For something like that, I like to use the Magnetic Dry Erase Coach’s Board

This is great for both tennis and pickleball coaches. You can illustrate really clear drills to players, helping them learn and use different kinesthetic training aids. 

One thing I like to do with it is have my younger students draw their own drills. I let them illustrate right on the board. And that makes performing drills much more engaging and interesting. 

With these three training aids, Emma created unique, tailored experiences for her students, which helped them overcome challenges while having fun. 

Tennis and pickleball coaches looking to empower their students should have an array of kinesthetic training aids. 

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