Train Tennis and Pickleball with the Power of Infinity

 The following is a transcript of part six of the Game Changers Webinar. 


I want to move right on to the next product since they really integrate amazingly together. So, tell us more about the Infinity Play System. 


Well, ‘Infinity’, because it’s continuous. We think of Infinity; it’s endless. It keeps going.

The Multi-Twist Mini feeds the ball the person hits into a large zone, a netting. The net absorbs the ball’s speed, works for even very high-level players, and then the ball drops down and feeds again. 

Now we’re not limited to 15 balls. I went through that whole explanation that you don’t want to hit that many in a row. But if you have a group of players, you can hit two in a row and then move to the end of the line. You can keep multiple people going. 

Also, you can easily have two people do it, where one picks up the balls if anyone misses, right? And then they hit 20 or 30 balls in a row, if that’s what the coach wants them to do, and then they just rotate. 

Continuous play with the Multi-Twist. What’s cool about it is you can take it off the device, bring just the little ball machine to the courts, and you can work with the Infinity Play System in a garage or a basement. Just about anywhere; the deck, patio outside your house, driveway, cul-de-sac. 

It’s also very lightweight, has good instructions as videos on our site, and will be available in the coming weeks. So we’re excited about it. 


That’s really exciting. I think what I think about that, being able to use that in your garage or your back patio or something, that flexibility is amazing. 


A couple of things. As one of the images is demonstrating how coach Jorge Capestany, who was awesome enough to test out the product and do some videos and pictures with it. He’s a great partner. Shout out to Jorge. 

He’s showing how it easily folds to be very thin and easy to store, which is a really nice perk for clubs and facilities since they can easily just do that. 

Here he’s at an indoor facility. He says he likes to just put it behind the indoor curtain. So many more options including, for more compact storage, for an individual storing it in their garage or shed.

I play table tennis as well and have a ping pong table tennis ball machine and this is the same concept but for tennis. 

As soon as I learned about ping pong ball machines, I thought how they’re better than tennis ones because you don’t ever have to pick up the balls because the netting. So that means balls stay on the table, and you just keep hitting. And I’m like, this is so cool because it has a huge benefit; no one likes picking up all the balls; it’s boring. A super fun product we’re very excited about, coming out soon. 


That’s exciting. And actually, as I’m seeing this, it’s so easy to add The Sweet Spot Trainer right on your racket or your paddle. And with this, hitting that sweet spot all the time would really transfer onto the court. 


And you can also use it for volleying, as we demonstrated, and use the Volley Arrow through the racket, making sure your direction is accurate. Click here for the Volley Arrow

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