Training Aids Made By Tennis Players for Tennis Players Are a Real Game Changer

One of the most potent elements of tennis is determination. 

Some of the most significant moments in the game stem from a player fighting through adversity and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. 

But that’s not just for players. 

Tennis is rich with determined coaches and fans. 

As a coach, Joe Dinoffer was determined to find a better way to help players learn and love the game. 

His commitment was the fuel that helped him design and invent some of the most used training aids in the game! 

In part five of this Game Changers video, Joe, Kalindi, and Billy talk about how determination and grit lead to inventing some of the greatest kinesthetic training aids available. 

The following is a transcript of part Five of this Game Changers Webinar. Click here to watch the rest of the free webinar. 


It’s the name of the show. Game changers. That’s what I love about it. What are you changing in your game? To see that forward progress, right? 

Speaking back to the coach thing – no one just wants to sign up for lessons; they want what those lessons promise – to get better, to learn. 

That’s what I love about your story, Joe. 

You said you invented that product. 

Well, the reason you invented so many products is because you’re a coach. This is what you are, who you are, and what you do. 

You had the insight and experience to recognize that the current training aids available weren’t what your students needed, so you made something they did need. 

Do you remember some of the moments or times that you were trying to do something a certain way? 

Do you remember the moment when you got the idea for this product or anything like that? 


It’s a little less specific on this particular product. 

We used to do a drill, Kalindi remembers, where you take your playing hand of the racket in between shots to help you find that grip quickly. 


Yeah, I remember that one. 


We did that one when she was a junior. Then we would go down and touch the bottom of the racket on the ground in between shots. Sort of taking it another step further, keeping you at a lower playing height, nice and compact. 

If you drop your racket down, your wrist becomes very soft and weak. 

So, this idea, both not taking big backswings and controlling the angel and grip, this training aid is key. 

You can adjust it further for different strokes, like ground strokes. And different grips. 

Each grip will have you holding the racket at a different angle, and the Angle Doctor can adjust to each one. 

And when it’s used in tandem with the Start Rite Grip Trainer, you can compound how quickly you learn these very fine and imperative techniques. 

Plus, it’s very comfortable and well-padded. 

Determination in creating aids that truly accelerate deep, mind-body learning is what Joe Dinoffer and OnCourt OffCourt are all about. 

Whether you’re a new player, an experienced veteran, or a coach, using kinesthetic training aids can lead to drastic and long-lasting improvements. 

Check out how the Angle Doctor can help you or your students develop a deep skill set that will have profound results on the court by clicking right here!