Wellness and Fitness Myth: Working Your Most Used Muscles

Unfortunately, a few wellness and fitness myths are spread so often that they are taken at face value. 

One such myth we’d like to expose is that you should predominantly work the muscle groups you use the most. 

Take a tennis player with a hard, heavy serve. 

You might think a player dependent on their hard serve should primarily focus on their shoulder and arm muscles in the gym and on the court.

What you don’t think to strengthen are the muscles on the back side of your body.

Most sports are naturally forward-facing. This means athletes are primarily building muscle and strength on their front side. 

But every muscle pulls on other muscles in the body. So as an athlete builds more and more strength in the front side of their body, they need to work the opposing muscle groups to keep the body from continually pulling forward.

Introducing exercises like this video is a great way to support the muscles that are often weaker, in order to help keep yourself in balance.

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